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Mon.Nov. 2018

If the Tariffs Had Become Bigger – When the Housing And Public Utilities Quenched the Financial “Appetite”.

Why is the rise in the cost of electricity not for the population will cost Ukrainians very expensive? What does the coming year in general prepare for Ukrainians in the field of utility tariffs? Will the Ukrainian Themis support the rural community from Dnepropetrovsk, where people have not paid for gas for two years? How do some Ukrainians manage for years not to pay for housing services and fight off service providers in courts? And also, what “shines” communal debtors […]
Mon.Nov. 2018

Whom Does Gas Belong to? The Gas Lawsuit in the Village of Elizavetovka was Postponed Again.

The presiding judge took a rejection. The comment is given by the chairman of Elizavetovka – Maxim Golosnoy.
Mon.Nov. 2018

Maxim Golosnoy at Blockchain Hub, Kyiv, Together with Mikhail Chobonyan

Maxim talks about cryptocurrency in the village, and about the conditions under which it will actually work.
Mon.Nov. 2018

“I am Spreading a Positive Experience,” Says Maxim Golosnoy on InformatorFM

The village chairman of Elizavetovka  village Maxim Golosnoy talks about how the village council manages not to pay for gas, rural cryptocurrency, rural reforms in the context of the national crisis and much more on InformatorFM.
Mon.Nov. 2018

Modern Elizavetovka: Through Reforms in a Single Village (Part 4)

About absurdity. “I am the prosecutor here, and the guarantor of the Constitution, and the tax, and the police.” As a rural head, it is necessary to ensure the interests of the state and society not because of, but in spite of, the government agencies who shelter lawlessness!
Mon.Nov. 2018

“Constitutional Experiment”. How to Solve the Gas Crisis in the Country by the Example of a Single Village

Maxim Golosnoy, chairman of Elizavetovka village, who does not pay for gas, talks about what led to the gas crisis in Ukraine and how to solve this issue. “Break the fillings!” Firstly, Poroshenko shows an example of ignoring the Constitution. Secondly – in favor of the oligarchs contributes to the adoption of unconstitutional laws that cannot be executed. And finally – calls for their violation, pushing the country into the abyss of anarchy. On the first national TV station “Good […]