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Sat.Jan. 2024

Polish correspondent in Ukraine Michał Kozak commented on Maksym Holosny’s investigation

Michał Kozak: I became involved with Ukraine 15 years ago – I have lived here permanently since 2008. I have behind me 2 months of hiding from the Russians in occupied Crimea in 2014, I have behind me 3 months of living in the spring of 2022 in a “pogrieba” – a damp storage compartment for jars of preserves under the kitchen floor of a house in Nikolaev, which was shelled by the Russians. I dare say I know Ukraine […]
Sat.Jan. 2024

The situation with the theft of drones in the Ukrainian Armed Forces has reached a national level … in Poland

In Ukraine, the media is completely ignoring this scandal. One of the largest Polish newspapers, Gazeta Wyborcza, has already written twice on this topic: A Ukrainian sergeant reported that equipment provided, in particular, by Poland, is disappearing from unguarded warehouses. After he reported this to his superiors, he was transferred to the front. Junior Sergeant Maxim Holosny reported on Facebook that at the warehouse he was supposed to receive, he found un-inventoried and unsecured boxes of specialized equipment that was […]
Fri.Jan. 2024

Keep quiet about the theft of military property – do not help the enemy!

I report that I, junior sergeant Golosnyi Maksym, accepted the case and the position of machine gunner-scout in the reconnaissance platoon! For me, it is an honor to serve in the intelligence, and to fight corruption and theft of property in the Armed Forces of Ukraine – this is my duty. The fact that I was urgently transferred, without fulfilling the order of the commander of the military unit A 4741, not leaving the commission on the spot and not […]
Fri.Jan. 2024

Sabotage, official negligence or deliberate reduction of defense capability?

As part of my public statement, the circumstances that outraged Poland were revealed! The fact is that at the warehouse, which I guarded without weapons, there was a Polish delivery, which costs very and very expensive (BPAK) – this high-tech complex was transferred to Ukraine back in 2022, and until then it was not used against the RF troops. In the Polish Twitter, there are already more than a million views on this topic, so it is impossible to hush […]
Fri.Jan. 2024

Weapons seized for publicity about theft of military property

Today I officially had my weapon taken away!!! They took it away on purpose, to weaken the security of the warehouse as much as possible, making a corresponding entry in the military ticket, but de jure I remain the head of the warehouse and serve duty without a weapon, about which I will definitely submit a corresponding report and make an official statement about the commission of a criminal offense by a group of persons by prior conspiracy!!! Report I […]
Wed.May. 2021

Every Ukrainian will have a cryptocurrency: a new cryptocurrency experiment by Maxim Golosnoy

Maxim Golosnoy presented a new format of cryptocurrency experiment, which for the Worlds’ first time will be implemented in Ukraine. The investor bought cryptocurrency for every resident of Ukraine, with no mutual obligations. And he hopes that the project will help to unite the citizens. Maxim Golosnoy explained the details of the cryptocurrency experiment at a press conference in the Informator press center. What is the essence of the experiment Maxim Golosnoy bought 45 million cryptocurrency tokens for $700. 45 […]