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Mon.Nov. 2018
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Sun.Dec. 2018

Elizavetovka Insured All the Children Of the Village At the Expense Of the State Budget

The chairman of Elizavetovka, Maxim Golosnoy, for the first time in Ukraine insured all (more than 200) children of his village from the state budget against critical illness and injuries as a result of an accident. The Treaty is valid 24 hours a day on the territory of all countries of the world, except of zones of military conflicts, as well as the zone of the antiterrorist operation. Now, the village council and the parents do not need to pay for the treatment  because the insurance company will do it. The total amount of insurance for the year – 100 thousand UAH.

Elizavetovka village showed an over-fulfillment of the budget by UAH 1,200,000 for the first six months of  2018.



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