If the Tariffs Had Become Bigger – When the Housing And Public Utilities Quenched the Financial “Appetite”.
Mon.Nov. 2018

Gas Riots In Ukraine: How Cold Radiators Have Turned Cities Into Hot Spots

Smela, Krivoy Rog, Kamenskoe and other cities are without heating. Gas riots in Ukraine: how did cold radiators turn cities into hot zones? Comment by Maxim Golosnoy for “Facts of the Week”

Intermediaries of gas services are often offshore companies in Cyprus. So says the rural director of Elizavetovka, who has not paid any money to a similar company for two years.

– We can see only complicated schemes, all profits go to those who founded these companies. This means – to Cyprus, and the country does not receive anything. They fool at the same time the state company, the losses fall on the state budget, which is already falling apart. Profit is credited to Cyprus companies. According to my information, it is Cypriot companies that dominate in 17 regions and they actually usurped the system, says the chairman of the village council.

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