Surprise For Gas Workers From Elizavetovka
Mon.Nov. 2018

Rural Head From Dnepropetrovsk Wants to Sue the President Because Of the Failure Of Authority

Rural head of Elizavetovka (Dnepropetrovsk region) Maxim Golosnoy expressed his readiness to sue the president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, in connection with the latter’s failure to exercise his constitutional powers.

As Golosnoy explained, the reason for this is the refusal of the presidential administration to respond to his request about how exactly the president guarantees and ensures the implementation of the Constitution of Ukraine.

“Considering the response of the guarantor of the Constitution to my request, where he, through his subordinate, refused to provide information about how he guarantees and ensures the implementation of the Constitution of Ukraine, I propose to file a lawsuit on my behalf to recognize the guarantor’s unlawful inaction, which consists in not fulfilling the powers assigned to him “, – wrote the head of Elizavetovka in Facebook.

He added that “he is ready to be the first to recognize, in the framework of the existing justice system, the unlawful inactivity of the guarantor”.

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