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Surprise For Gas Workers From Elizavetovka

The head of the village council of Elizavetovka, Maxim Golosnoy, filed an appeal against the decision of the court of first instance. The court of first instance ruled in favor of Dniprovskgaz Sales with obvious violations. Gas workers were confident that after such a decision the head of the village would cease to prove his position. However, the appeal was a real surprise for the Cypriot company and also a surprise for Elizavetovka.

Shortly, Maxim Golosnoy explained it so: “The court of first instance went beyond the bounds of the claims. Cypriots demanded to surcharge 84 454, 20 UAH, and the court charged 84 454.40 UAH. It cannot be so, if you demand from me through the court to return you 100 UAH, and the court makes a decision to return 200 – this is nonsense.

The court did not raise the question of returning stolen property. The court was obliged to offer the village council to return the property. I could buy it from someone for a lower price, for example, in cylinders. And if the creative has no limits, then I could buy cow dung, call an expert and say –it is the natural gas! (the plaintiff did not specify the gas formula in the claims). Take as much as you want. ”

Meetings in the court of appeal promise to be extremely productive and unexpected. After all, no one else in the country has tried in the legal plane to fight against the Cyprus gas makers. You can watch the press conference here.

Also the text of the appeal.



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