Surprise For Gas Workers From Elizavetovka
Mon.Nov. 2018
Modern Elizavetovka: Through Reforms (part 2)
Mon.Nov. 2018

Modern Elizavetovka: Through Reforms (part 3)

About the sabotage of the regional authorities, the failed education reform and when government puts a spoke in our wheel.

The problems began when we refused the services of contracting organizations, which were recommended to us from the regional administration with prices three times more expensive than the real market prices. Some heads of village councils consider that it is better to agree and have “normal relations” with the regional authorities. But who once set foot on this path will never get away from it … There is a choice: either to be on a hook, or to be alone and achieve everything on your own, and also to overcome artificially created obstacles. Your effectiveness does not interest anyone. Important loyalty and conditions for state thieves.

What are we facing now?

The regional administration defying us. They discourage the autonomous work, the results approach work. So, they withdrew all funds, allocated for paving the territory of the Elizavetovka village council from the regional budget.  They didn’t introduce any new reasoning for that but the old traditional “there is no money for that purpose” saying. This is ridiculous. At the same time the governor announces that regional budget is surpassed 1 billion hryvnas. Where is that billion?

The roads and highways are crumbled. The Dnepropetrovsk region, in comparison to the Kirovograd region, has the worst roads quality first time for the last decade. It has never been the case before.

Among the regional authorities the trend of pomp and ostentation is in its heyday. It aims at promoting the following type of achievements among the taxpayers: “Look, we took your money, found a contractor and built a school for you”.

But what about the fact that 40% of children from that school live in single-parent families, with one parent abroad for money-making activities. You keep silence on it.

What about the fact that parents have no financial capacity to fund buying new desks and interactive boards for the school?

You can still find schools in the villages with the deficit of the textbooks. Yes, even in our village there are some classes not provided with new textbooks. But the Minister of Education reports about the absence of such problem. She says: “No, we do not have this problem. Those, who spread such rumors are pullers”.

To tell the truth, the regional and district authorities do not pay attention to the problems of our village school. We do. This year our graduates had awarded 5,000 hryvnas of a start-up capital each, first in the history of Ukraine. This way we gave them a reason to pass their A-levels with the highest rate in the district.

They won top places in the rating among the 570 regional schools. As you see, the result was not long in coming.

From the regional administration office instead of new desks and interactive board though we’ve got the certificate. Just a piece of paper. That is all you need to know about the reform of education.

Regional administration behaves even worse than separatists do. They try to hurt me through the poor and vulnerable: to take away from the kids, somehow “suppress” retired, not to repair a road come through our territory and are the subject to the regional maintenance. We keep asking: “Dear officials, if you are short of money – transfer it to the village council and we will take care about it ourselves”. The correspondence has been lasting since 2016.  And today the problematic roads are being listed on the balance sheet of the Regional Communal Housing that does not have a funding either.

This is the style of work, used by the old-style politicians and officials. They do not provide a school equipment to a children they obliged to, whispering: “It because your Mayor criticizes activity of the regional administration. Let the parents know it’s your Mayor’s fault.

What is a key principle the amenities for schools are distributed? It is not a secret.  Most likely, its’ consent to doing all favors to the higher authorities. Sometimes they employ non-existent people, write off a bigger than actual number of foodstuffs for kids. These ones receive the best first.

But don’t you think that the reform of education has failed? And I am openly claim it. Why? Because the worst A-level indices are shown by those new united schools, so-called «basic schools». And the schools with the worst financial provision occupy the top positions.

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