Presidential elections will cost Ukrainian taxpayers over 2,35 billions UAH

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Thu.Jan. 2019
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Presidential elections will cost Ukrainian taxpayers over 2,35 billions UAH

By now, 6 candidates for presidency have been registered with the Central Election Commission: ex-minister of ecology Shevchenko, a human rights activist from Brovary – Ratush, MP from the Petro Poroshenko Block – Kaplin, ex-head of the SSU Nalyvaichenko, chairman of the Agrarian Party Skotsik and Mayor of Lviv, chairman of  “Samopomich” Union  – Sadovyi. The Central Election Commission approved a budget of 2.35 billion UAH for presidential elections, and 1.95 billion UAH for parliamentary elections.

Just to recap, in 2017 the Estonians intended to present us with the most advanced e-government system in the world and provide help for its implementation. TO PRESENT (for free)! That perfect system could be bought for the same 2 billion UAH that the government plans to spend on SINGLE elections! Besides, this event would save billions, and also give an opportunity to hold all-Ukrainian and local referendums weekly!

And do you know what? It turned to be useless. The loudly announced event appeared to be a great “kaboom“. As well as all that comes to this incompetent authority – turns into a simulacrum. Even the recent Martial Law became a populist shit.

Ukraine is still embarking on the implementation of the Estonian interoperability system”. Well and what has come out of it? It is still in the process (figuratively)… And you know why? Because  stealing money will be no longer possible, but this isn’t the main reason.  A lack of Ukrainian voters who “vote” for the pro-government candidates constantly caused fear to lose 20% of “phantom voter” (who have actually died or went abroad) is the main reason of their concerns.

This fact was revealed while paying interest rate on cryptocurrency assets in Yelizavetovka: 20% of the stakeholders, registered in the village, are not already living in the village – either they had died, or gone abroad, or left for another place.

The last census in Ukraine was held in 2001. Why hasn’t it been held so far? Today, the total number of Ukrainians is unknown and of no interest to anyone. How is it possible to plan economic development if it is not quite clear how many people are living in Ukraine? Well, in this case why is your answer.

The falsification of the voting will be IMPOSSIBLE. And the youth will televote, just sitting at their computers, or even through their mobile phones without attending polling stations! What can be worse than genuine expression of people’s will and real attitude to so-called “reforms” . Sounds like the worst nightmare of modern politicians!

Sorry, Estonians, but we will definitely return to you for this experience and technologies but when adequate politicians will come to power…

Maxim Golosnoy

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