How to Make this Year the Time of Our Victories

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Sat.Feb. 2016
Presidential elections will cost Ukrainian taxpayers over 2,35 billions UAH
Thu.Jan. 2019
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How to Make this Year the Time of Our Victories

Ukraine is being violated by greedy, weird, cruel enemies from inside and attacked by outer enemies from the West. Today, they consolidated their efforts just to satisfy their insane ambitions and increase their wealth. And they are not going to wither as dew under the sun. Only adamant and united force of committed Ukrainians can stand up against them.

We are short of time. So we must learn how to unite, achieve our goals, be of help to each other, to prioritize social interest to our individual ones. We will never build our own paradise behind the fence in a poor country. Only developing healthy, fair society, a strong and safe country will provide everybody with equal opportunities and make happy.

This is OUR land and it is worth struggling for. And we will not stop!

Maxim Golosnoy

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