And Go All of You with Your Law, You Know Where to Go By Yourself
Tue.Oct. 2018
Whom Does Gas Belong to? The Gas Lawsuit in the Village of Elizavetovka was Postponed Again.
Mon.Nov. 2018

“Constitutional Experiment”. How to Solve the Gas Crisis in the Country by the Example of a Single Village

Maxim Golosnoy, chairman of Elizavetovka village, who does not pay for gas, talks about what led to the gas crisis in Ukraine and how to solve this issue.

“Break the fillings!”

Firstly, Poroshenko shows an example of ignoring the Constitution. Secondly – in favor of the oligarchs contributes to the adoption of unconstitutional laws that cannot be executed. And finally – calls for their violation, pushing the country into the abyss of anarchy.

On the first national TV station “Good morning, country!” Maxim Golosnoy talks about the solution of the gas crisis with the example of a single village.

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