For the First Time in Ukraine – the Village Council Legalized the Crypto Currency.
Tue.Oct. 2018
Maxim Golosnoy Provided the Public with a Report on the Work Done in 2017.
Tue.Oct. 2018

The Court Postponed the Consideration of the Case of Elizavetovka Village Concerning Gas Problems for an Indefinite Period

The case concerns free gas consumption by the village for 2 years. In this connection, the claim was filed by the Cyprus gas supply company Dnipropetrovsk GasGasbut. The purpose of recovery is the “debt” of the village council for the gas supplied.

In the spring, 2018, Maxim Golosnoy filed a cassation appeal with the KGS Court of Cassation. Unfortunately, the complaint was not considered. The complaint consisted of copies of documents that proved that the agreement between DnipropetrovskGazZbut and Elizavetovka village council for the supply of gas expired at the end of 2015 and was not extended.

This means that, in January 2016, gas was provided without legal grounds, by non-contractual relations. Absence of the concluded contract does not allow DnipropetrovskGazZbut to supply gas. This means that the delivery could not be! In addition, DnipropetrovskGazZbut in court could not confirm the damage caused by tax accounting.

The appeal was filed after the first instance court ruled in favor of DnipropetrovskGazZbut with obvious violations. The court just went beyond the limits of the claim. The amount was recovered more than the one indicated in the claim. Also, the recipient of funds was determined by the court independently.

All the necessary materials for the re-examination of the case were referred to the court on the 19th of March. Unfortunately, neither the end of July, nor now, there is still no information on the date of the next meeting.

It seems that someone is interested in the matter being completely forgotten …

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